Project Description

The Draughtman is seated at his desk. We put a blank sheet in front of him and we select a drawing, then he begins drawing, bending down his head ; as soon as he has finished, he holds it up.

Jacques Monestier also made, for the restaurant “Le RATAPOIL” at Valmondois, the figure of Master Draughtman Daumier whose wax head is a sculpture by Daniel Druet. He is also thinking of creating other great draughtsmen such as Léonard de Vinci, Albert Dürer etc.

  • Life-sized figure
  • Automated arm under the control of a computer
  • Drawings (unlimited number) are registered, stored, and then restored at The Draughtman’s request
  • Selection of drawings by a numeric keyboard
  • The head is animated by an electric jack
  • Electronic and IT by Laumonier studios at Nesles-la-Vallée.